Industrial activities present potential risks.  Human and Environmental Risk management is one of our top priorities.

Ensure industrial safety

Security management and its improvement is a constant challenge for the chemical industries.

We implement the best possible procedures to ensure the safest facilities possible.Prevention is our goal.

  • Risk analyses,
  • Employee training,
  • Subcontractors participation.

One of the main tools in industrial safety is risk analysis. This supports technological risk prevention as well as urban planning measures, emergency plans and distribution of public information. Our approach is based on communicating openly with local residents. A bi-annual newsletter is distributed throughout the PPI area

SOBEGI (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and MASE) is supported by the Environmental Health and Safety Department Quality department which consists of:

  • An integrated Management Service,
  • Industrial Environmental risk, Service Industry Risk,
  • Safety Operational Service,
  • An Intervention and Rescue Service 24 / 24h
  • A Security service
  • Security Training Centre.

Our Team of 50 individuals is brought together to come up with the best strategy and services, in terms of Environmental and Health safety and protection.

Each employee, at all levels, is an active ambassador of our safety ethics for both himself and for others.

Protecting our employees

Protecting our employees’ Health and Safety are daily concerns for our Management and the entire organisation.

Technological risk management allows us to focus on our priority to guarantee safe working conditions for every worker. Our commitment is to maintain a constant individual safety awareness level for all individual and collective workstations.

Our HSE approach is based on the ISO 14001 and MASE norms. Which expects a constant commitment to improve and monitor staff working conditions for both staff and companies working on our site.

Training is an essential element. Each position is subject to regular risk assessment to help determine specific safety procedures, personal protective equipment and staff training.

These items are published in the professional risk assessment document, which is available to all employees, doctor and administration.

The basic prevention rules are available to all and are expected to be respected, both for oneself and for others.  They help identify the necessary steps to follow in case of Danger and Risk management.

Limiting our impact

We are committed to controlling the environmental impact of our activities, particularly to meet the strict industrial waste regulations, whilst keeping up to date with the Best Available Techniques *.

Our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact is in order to pass strict controls and to meet our investors’ expectations .Our partnership with the Environmental specialist, SOBEGI, is essential to our approach.

Our continual staff awareness education program is part our sustainable development policy ethic and is valued by the management and encouraged by various internal projects.

Producing whilst reducing our environmental footprint by:

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
  • improve industrial process energy efficiency,
  • optimize the use of our resources,

These are constant challenges for our teams, customers and associated partners.

* The Best Available Techniques (BAT) are designed to prevent or reduce pollution and consumption. BAT is used to identify environmental performance (greenhouse gases, acid substances, air emissions, discharges). It was developed under the European Directive 96/61 / EC, known as IPPC, industrial processes pollutioncouncil, 24 September 1996.