Safety management, and its constant improvement, is an ongoing challenge for the chemical Industry.  Prevention, intervention, training, coordinating, and consulting are part of SOBEGIS expertise.

Protecting people and their property

Safety is a daily priority for staff, the local population and the production teams.  SOBEGI’s expertise helps assure that the industries respect the regulations and bylaws that apply to them. The companies rely of SOBEGI’s expertise.

SOBEGI is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, MASE certified and is a member of the IUC Responsible Care Unit

  • Accident prevention: awareness, training, action
  • Major Risk Prevention: awareness, training, action
  • Safety coordination on platforms: Simulating safety techniques
  • Secure access Management: human resources, technical, co-ordination of security and surveillance
  • Intervention on all types of accident: 24 hours a day availability of a professional team of chemical risk firefighters

Our human resources

The HSEQ department SOBEGI is made up of Environmental, Industrial Risk, an Operational Security, Safety, Intervention and Rescue. Sixty people work together in the prevention team. This is a key component to the services provided, in terms of Health and Environmental Safety and Protection.

The Intervention and Rescue Service team consists of 39 people providing clients 24 hour a day, 7 days a week protection. The SIS Firefighters have extensive knowledge of the facilities, activities and industrial risk zone.  Their ability to respond, analyse and understand the danger quickly and efficiently is an exceptional asset.

The Departmental Intervention and Rescue service (SDIS64) signed an agreement to guarantee an indispensable presence of specialized firefighters for the workers, companies working on site and the local population.

The Intervention and Rescue Service Team volunteered with the Chemical Industries Union to ensure the support of the Transaid center of the Southwest region which are on standby in case of incidents related to the transport of hazardous materials.


« Education is the best prevention tool. Faced with the growing needs for training for occupational and technological risks prevention, SOBEGI offers a range of educational training programs.

SOBEGI’s training organization has its own security-training center:  CESS, and is registered under the No. approval: 72.64.02622.64.

This state-of- the- art infrastructure is particularly appreciated for real life training situations and coaching provided by its team of experienced security professionals.

Our training experts have designed a set of programs related to companies’ needs. They also offer the opportunity to design the most appropriate learning programs within a client’s budget and requirements whether it be for an intra or intercompany training session.

Our resource materials

Adapting our means to the situation is crucial. The Intervention Service has the most appropriate equipment for different tasks at the lowest possible cost without compromising onthe quality and efficiency.

  • 1 High Powered Vehicle (VGP) carrying 10,500 litres of concentrate Synthetic Film-forming Versatile Multi proliferation foam, 2 cannons 3000 l / min and 8000 l / min water or premix
  • 1 Bi extinguisher carrying 5500 litres of water, 1,200 litres of liquid versatile synthetic emulsifier such as A4P, 1 spear gun for water  or foam 4500 l / min
  • 4 Foam Concentrate Trailers (RE) carrying: 27 000 litres with a concentrated foam pump to 20 m3 / h at 4 bars and 11 000 litres with auxiliary for premix 400 m3 / h
  • 2 Trailers 2800 litres for concentrated foam with 1800 l canon/ min water / foam
  • 1 motor- reel truck (DA) with 1 600 m fire hoses
  • 2 mixed towable water / foamCanon Lancers 3000 l / min.
  • 2 Rescue Vehicles
  • 1 Chemical Hazards Response Vehicle
  • 1 Helipad

SOBEGI manages the fire water systems for the Induslacq64 and Chem’pôle platforms

In Mourenx the system is powered by two diesel pumps of 600 m3 / h and a 2 500 m3 fire reserve. The platform is also equipped with a large reserve pool of 15,000 m3.

In Lacq the fire network measures 26 km in length, with 300 regulated fore posts and is fed through seven  full rated 3300 m3 flowpumps / h at a pressure of 10 to 11 bars.