Chem'pole 64

The Mourenx (64150) Chemistry and Specialist platform was created in 1975. It was designed and developed to support local industries.

SOBEGI is the site management and service provider.

The Industrial platform

The CHEM'PÔLE 64 platform, located in Mourenx, in the Pyrenees Atlantique, is based on a 65 hectare, secured site, and is classified as Seveso II.

The Mourenx Industrial site co-owners have developed professional activities in cosmetics, phytosanitary, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.


Association Syndicale Libre (ASL Mourenx) was set up by co-owners, and is a responsible mutualised group, that implements a clear framework for all of its members.

It allows:

  • To meet the multi- operators industrial sites security regulations.
  • Position the owners as decision makers in relation to community life rules.
  • Define the facility’s common network and services and determine the key distribution plan.
  • Introduce the platform’s concrete internal rules and regulations.

The Industrial companies that are implanted on the 64 CHEM'PÔLE site benefit from the fact that small units can access a large chemistry dedicated platform infrastructure. Set-up possibilities are still available. 

The numerous advantages of the Lacq basin are listed on the GIE Chemparc website. The objective is to help new industrial projects to install, by studying their industrial projects as fast as possible and to mobilise the necessary aids needed to put forward the project.

Infrastructure and services SOBEGI

The companies that are implanted on the CHEM’PÔLE 64 benefit from the services offered, such as for production, their infrastructure development and services. Tailor made solutions are available. 

  • Thermal energy: steam 15 bar,
  • Electric power: station 20 kV,
  • Industrial liquids: filtered water, cooling water, fire, demineralized water,
  • Industrial gases: air instrument, nitrogen, Air services, commercial gas,
  • Waste treatment: collection of industry water, thermal oxidizer, solvent incinerator, analyses,
  • Specialized Industrial chemical Risk firefighters,
  • Other facilities and services; safety, maintenance, inspection, study office, storage, security, educational training, railway traction…

SOBEGI has been designated to manage the Platforms operational, routine and security maintenance of all the common areas (roads, lighting, fire, and greenspace areas).


 SOBEGI Commitments are:

  • Prioritizing security for both personnel and material
  • Help improve our client’s performance
  • Provide reliable and competitive industrial services
  • Reduce the environmental impact and encourage environmental sustainable development
  • To play an active and unified role.
  • Welcome and encourage newcomers whilst providing them with the necessary support.


Today, the Lacq Basin is made up of four Seveso II platforms, and seven industrial poles, creating 7600 direct and indirect jobs. It is easy to access.

 Pau Uzein airport is 20 minutes by car.
A number of daily flights to Paris Orly, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Lyon and Marseille.
Two other nearby airports are: Biarritz Parme (64) and Tarbes Ossun Lourdes (65).

 A65 / A64 / A63.

 Artix 5 minutes / 20 minutes from Orthez / 30 minutes from Pau

Situate la plate-forme Chem'Pôle 64 à Mourenx (64150)