CESS: Training Program Center Space

The objective of professional training aims to improve skills, knowledge, qualification and participants’ needs.

Your Goals

You are obliged to offer quality professional training in the risk and security area.

You would like to offer your intermediary solutions in terms of the objective, program and available material.

Your specialists have developed a training course that meets the needs of your customers.

You would like to offer a practical course in a simulated real-life situation, in state-of-the-art facilities, in the safest conditions for your trainees.

Your Obligations

The training course is an investment for your clients, in which you must offer a high quality service in order for them to gain in response, efficiency and performance. You must:

  • Offer easy to use, high performance tools
  • The availability of a space perfectly adapted to your training
  • Having your trainees confront a real life situation
  • Guarantee the trainees and trainers safety and security

Our advantages

Our practical training courses throughout the different areas of our Security training Center offers the opportunity to work in a real life context to teach how to prevent, understand and manage situations. We put at your disposition:

  • Up- to- date facilities and material
  • A team of security and training professionals
  • An organisation dedicated to the training center management.
  • Tailor made solutions: Prevention and risk management experts. We offer our assistance and advice. 

As a certified organisation we are able to anticipate your legal responsibilities and your obligations towards your trainees.

Your contact person: Laurine at contact.cess@sobegi.com